Study reveals Scots have ‘extraordinary’ DNA

A new study has revealed that people who live in Scotland have a unique and surprising degree of diversity in their DNA, a shock for most people who didn’t believe the Scots DNA was so diverse.

The best Scottish festivals

It’s festival season and Scotland has an amazing and diverse set of festivals, all over the country. Here are our favourite Scottish festivals for those who would love to visit Scotland for a muddy music filled trip.

The Potter Trail in Scotland

For all the Harry Potter fans, there is now a Potter trail in Edinburgh designed especially to honour Harry Potter. You can visit the places where J.K. Rowling wrote all her books and learn about the real witches and wizards of Edinburgh in the medieval ages.

Scotland by Hugh MacDiarmid

It requires great love of it deeply to read The configuration of a land, Gradually grow conscious of fine shadings, Of great meanings in slight symbols, Hear at last the great voice that speaks softly, See the swell and fall upon the flank Of a statue carved out in a whole country’s marble, Be like… [Read more…]

Fears for Scotland after Brexit

First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon has expressed her concerns the economy of Scotland after Brexit stating that it could lose up to £11.2 billion every year by the year 2030. This possible consequence of Brexit could have a damaging impact on public spending. This has come to the dismay of many people in Scotland who voted… [Read more…]

Could this be the remains of the Loch Ness monster?

The ‘remains’ of a giant dinosaur or scary creature has been washed up on the shores, creating a new twist in the mystery of the Loch Ness monster. Apparently, a dog walker stumbled upon the gruesome skeleton on the Loch Ness bank and was startled by the strange and scary skeleton. It really does look… [Read more…]

On the bagpipes

When Scotland’s pipe sounds in my ears My heart with martial joy it cheers; From off my mind all worldly cares It makes to roll, And sways at will to joy or tears, My melting soul. Some for the organ’s solemn peal Affect a lofty joy to feel; Some, for dancing a quadrille, Choose the… [Read more…]

Scotland is the best for LGBT equality

Scotland has been named the best European country for LGBT people, for the second year running, the ILGA-Europe’s annual review which considers human rights, government policies and social equality gathered enough information to confirm that Scotland is ahead of the UK and Europe for LGBT people. The Rainbow Europe Index The Rainbow Europe Index 2016… [Read more…]

Fairy tale places in Scotland

With the magic of a Disney film and some of the most picturesque landscapes you will lay your eyes on, and all in Scotland, here are our picks of the most bizarre fairy tale places in Scotland to visit.